The Team

The TLM team makes tools to facilitate learning, and explore ways to implement them.

We aspire to genuine co-creation in our diverse team; an experimental and ‘bottom-up’

approach to innovation; and constant adaptation, based on our research findings and shifts

in our project’s environment.


Our tools are tailored to work in a variety of different educational settings.

The project is based in Leiden University College and is developing partnerships elsewhere in

The Netherlands. Its inception in 2020 was funded by David’s Comenius Teaching Fellowship.   

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David Ehrhardt
Associate Professor of Development

For me, TLM is a way to help students see and feel the joy of learning.

Caroline Archambault
Assistant Professor of Anthropology 

Learning needs pause and patience, time to reflect and connect with our thinking. TLM can help us with this.

Alina Müller
Student Assistant

TLM reminds me of what I enjoy about learning.

Daniela van den Brink
Student Assistant 

TLM is all about being intentional; something I’m striving for in all facets of my life!

Ayokunu Adedokun
Assistant Professor of Development

Of all the things that have contributed to my personal and professional development, journaling has been foundational. 

Ann Wilson
Assistant Professor of  History

Deliberate, self-reflective learning is something I try to foster in my courses – and in my own life, as a perpetual student. 

Esli Verheggen
Study Advisor

I joined TLM because I know how powerful it can be to actively make time for reflection in your life.

Daniek Bosch
Educational Advisor/Researcher at the Centre for Innovation

I believe developing a learning mindset is a tool that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

Bing Tang
Graphic Designer at the Centre for Innovation

I think it’s very meaningful that TLM is designing a safe and open space for students to discover their superpowers.

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