What are you really grateful for in your life?

We say ‘thank you’ all the time: to the cashier or to someone who holds open the door for you. But do we say it to the people that matter most to us, and for the things that we care about most deeply? Expressing gratitude can help us to feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences and build strong relationships. You can feel grateful for something others have done for you but also for something you have done for others.  

  • Make a list of all the things in your life you are grateful for; anything from a roof over your head to loving friends and family.  
  • What is something you have done for others that they are grateful for? 
  • Think of someone who has influenced your life in a positive way, write a postcard to thank them for what they did and how it affected you. In the back you can find a post-card to send or give to someone you are grateful for. Postage not included. 

Listen to an intriguing podcast on how A.J. Jacobs thanked a thousand different people who contributed to his morning cup of coffee!

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