What resources can help you make the best of you time at LUC?

Our brains are easily fooled. The good thing about this is that if we’re feeling down, we can trick ourselves into feeling better by reminding ourselves of things that ignite our passions! Resilience Resources are things that feed our souls; places that feel like home, people that make us feel alive, activities that brighten our days, and beliefs we don’t want to forget. You can refer to this list to give you ideas of what to do to feel better, or you can simply read them over if you don’t have time.   

Create a creative overview of all the resources you have to make your time at LUC the best time of your life. Look back to all the entries you already have in your journal – several of them already outline your resources for you. Create a mind map, make a collage or a piece of art that will remind you of all the good stuff you have got going on for you. 

Here’s an example Mind Map of someone’s Resilience Resources: 

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