If you had to give a 10-minute long ode to something, what would your ode be about?

Traditionally, aode is a type of lyric poetry that praises an event or individual, describing the subject both intellectually and emotionally. In more recent times, however, the subjects that odes focus on have diversified, often focusing on everyday things that go unnoticed, but in the eye of the beholder certainly deserve more praise.

  • Is there something you can go on and on about without no end?
  • Something that you’re so passionate about you could make a 10-minute long ode dedicated to it? 
  • Or something or someone that you feel could deserve more praise? 
  • Write about your connection to that person or thing here.
  • If you feel like it, start drafting your 10-minute long ode, be it in the traditional or in the modern sense!

Want to read an ode to pink poop/ketchup/yoda?

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Or hear about some of your mentors' passions?