What aspects of your life would you like to leave behind and bring forward?

You have probably experienced small or big changes in your life. Maybe you have moved between neighborhoods, cities or even countries? Or you have started a new sport or hobby at some point?  

In the transition you are going through now, it might feel like you are still floating between your old high school self and your new university self. You are in what anthropologist call a ‘liminal’ space, in between the old and the new, where there is uncertainty but also possibility. You might be thinking about questions like “Will I stay at the soccer club in my hometown or start at a new club here? How will I stay connected with my high school friends? Who will become my new friends?” 

In this liminal space there is room to reflect on what to bring forward and what to leave behind, what to start and what to stop. Perhaps even reinvent yourself (a little). Thinking back to a similar period of transition might help you deal with some of the uncertainty of starting at LUC. 

  • What are things you are uncertain about in this new LUC life?
  • What might help you embrace those uncertainties? 
  • What are you most curious about in starting your university life? 
  • What are things you would like to leave behind or stop doing? 
  • What are new things you are looking forward to starting in this time at LUC?  

Want to hear about your Mentors' transitions to LUC?