Welcome to our journaling guide library

Our guides help you how to use journaling for your learning. The Goal Guides can be used individually or be integrated into courses. The Course and Programme Guides are developed specifically to be integrated into an academic programme. Feel free to use these guides (CC BY-NC license), or contact us if you need help designing your own course or programme guide.  

Goal Guides

What’s your goal? Our journaling guides can help you to make progress! Each guide provides fun, science-based prompts that help you work on a specific goal, and they only take a few minutes out of your day. 


We’re constantly working on new guides to expand our library. Do you have an idea for a new guide? Contact us!   

How to use the Learning Cycle

Learn how to use the learning cycle to get better at any goal! The learning cycle is a simple technique that helps you learn by setting goals, practicing, self-reflecting, finding feedback and processing lessons. 

Wake & Brake: How to ease into your day

Start your day with a few simple journaling prompts that make getting up easier! They will make your day more productive and focused.

How to make a Learning Journal 
A learning journal is a personal journal that aims to put you in control of your learning process, making learning more meaningful and effective. This guide provides you with the basic elements that go into every Learning Journal along with additional ideas collected from student experiences.  

Course & Programme guides

Are you teaching or designing educational programs and want to introduce journaling for learningWe have integrated journaling in several courses and different parts of our program with great benefits [hyperlink to findings page] for students and for our teachingFeel free to use these as inspiration for integrating journaling into your courses or programme 
Would you like our help to develop oneContact us!

Prosperity Course Guide

Course Title: Global Challenges: Prosperity 
Course Type: LUC First Year, mandatory course, 200+ students, 20 students per seminar group 
 MS Teams Class Notebook with weekly prompts about goal-setting, self-reflection, getting feedback, and drawing lessons. 

Struggle in the City Course Guide

Course Title: Struggle in the City 
Course Type: LUC 200-level, Global Citizenship, 20 student seminar 
 A MS Teams Class Notebook with weekly tasks and learning and reflection exercises that train research skills, teamwork, and project design. (Excerpts provided)

Jumpstart Journaling Programme Guide

Programme: Introduction Week  
 A 10 minutes/day for 14 days journaling program aimed at introducing incoming students to a new community and a new skill (journaling).