Dear first year students -

Welcome to LUC and to your Intro Week! We hope you have had a good trip over. We can imagine that you find it quite exciting (and nerve racking) to be here.

Some introductions...

Oof, get used to these. There will be a whole lot of them in Intro Week. We hope you will still remember us by the end.  

We are a team of students and staff that have come together to help you make a solid start to your learning journey at LUC.   

David, Caroline, Daniela, and Alina are part of the Learning Mindset project at LUC. We want to get you hooked on journaling because we know it can be a powerful way to mindfully self-direct your learning. You will hear much more about this along the way 😉.   

Esli is your Study Advisor. He looks forward to getting to know you and wants to help you settle in and adjust to your new environment and community.  

Daniek and Bing are with Leiden University’s Center for Innovation ( They want to design innovative resources that integrate personal well-being into your study life.  

The cool blue bullet journal with the LUC and The Learning Mindset logos is your first, new, best friend at LUC (at least that is what we hope). You also have this accompanying Intro Week Journal Booklet. Herein lies our special plan for you…  

the plan...

We have designed short but powerful journal sessions for you for the next 14 days. All you need to do is find 10 minutes a day. And spend them writing in your journal, of course.  

for best results we advise...

  • Finding a comfortable and quiet place to write  
  • Turning off phones/computers/iPads or other devices that might interrupt you  
  • Starting each session by becoming present in the moment. For those who are not familiar with this idea: it means being aware of yourself and your surroundings, really noticing where you are and how you feel. It can help to take in a few deep breaths, and tracking the air moving in and out of your body.  

This whole thing is designed for you so take as much or as little time as you want.  

As you will see in your booklet, we have a range of fun/quirky daily session topics with questions (in the purple box) that can guide your writing from giving gratitude and meeting your transitioning self to mapping crazy habits and composing passionate poetic odes. 

And if you follow the QR code under each day it will take you to all sorts of fun additional resources-like video clips of your mentors sharing their terrible habits, the coolest places in The Hague, a passionate ode to pink poop, and much, much more.   

the benefits...

If you follow this little plan of ours, we think:  

  • It will help you realize that you come to LUC already armed with tons of resilience resources that can help you pick up on those tough off days 
  • It will help you start building your new community here  
  • You will have this invaluable record of this important life stage and major transition to turn back to 
  • You will learn and reflect about yourself, and your own learning process 
  • It will get you hooked on the habit of journaling, hopefully making you an active member of The Learning Mindset 

But never mind all these big benefits – just taking out 10 minutes of your day to breathe, write, and reflect quietly, may be reward enough.