What is the Learning Journal?

There are many ways to engage and make a habit of the Learning Cycle and to develop the attitudes and skills that open our minds for learning.

We do this through conversations with others or alone by taking a break to observe, absorba, and process our experiences. And, powerfully, we can do this by writing things down and keeping a journal.

Why is journaling a powerful tool?

Writing is thinking. There is tons of research (and here, and here) that shows that writing, and especially old-school handwriting, helps brain function and makes you:

  • Think more intensely and focused
  • Understand and process more information
  • Remember more Boost your imagination and creativity

The great thing about using a journal to write is that it helps you make writing a habit – and habits are incredibly powerful tools for development and self-improvement.

Plus, journals, like photo albums or scrapbooks, can be magnificent treasures documenting your learning journeys.

In this section of the website we offer you, students and teachers, inspiration for creating your own Personal Learning Journals and Teaching Tools for use in your courses. We also explain the many great benefits using these Learning Journals can bring to your own personal development and your teaching.