People often say that you learn from experience. But rarely do they tell you how you do this, and what you need to do it well.

The Learning Mindset describes the habit of approaching experiences in your life in a way that allows you to learn from them. This involves formulating goals, practicing deliberately, and using feedback actively to process your experiences and learn from them, so you can set new goals. In other words, it involves approaching life through the Learning Cycle.

Developing your own Learning Mindset requires strengthening particular attitudes and skills. Attitudes such as a growth mindset, intellectual humility, or genuine curiosity – all attitudes that open you up, and motivate you, to learn. And the skills you need to engage in the activities of the Learning Cycle, such as goal setting, deliberate practice, feedback literacy, and other forms of metacognition.

We think you can train the Learning Mindset, by fostering the associated attitudes and skills and turning them into a habit. The LM project at Leiden University College is our attempt to integrate this training in higher education by creating innovative teaching tools, starting with the Learning Journal. The tools are meant both for students to use in their learning process, and for teachers to enhance the impact of their teaching.

This website describes the core elements of the project, provides the tools we have developed, as well as shares our reflections on the Learning Mindset in the Blog and the LM podcast.