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On this page you find tools and activities (besides our journaling guides) that teachers can use in their courses, or which can be implemented in educational programmes more broadly. Feel free to use these resources (CC BY-NC license), or contact us if you need help fitting them into your own courses or programme.


Benefits of using TLM in Teaching

More targeted teaching

“Asking students about their goals and intentions helps me to tailor my classes – and it makes it more fun for me to know that they’re really interested.”

Increased student motivation

“The Learning Journal really triggers students’ intrinsic motivation to learn.”

Better interaction with students

“I really enjoy the conversations with students that emerge from their Learning Journal: about what they really want to learn, what they take from my classes, and how they want to use it after graduating.”

Teacher development

“All this emphasis on the Learning Mindset pushes me to reflect more deeply on my courses, and think about my own goals and learning process as a teacher.”


Tiny tlm

Tiny TLM: Teaching Tools Menu

Do you want to use TLM in your teaching without committing to a lot of extra work? These simple strategies require little time from the teacher, but can can achieve big improvements for students’ learning. 



TLM Activities

Activties inside and outside of the classroom to train the learning cycle and develop reflective journaling habits. 

Online Morning Journaling Sessions

To help students to get into the habit of journaling during Covid online teaching, we hosted daily collective journaling sessions on MS Teams. We played music, and all students from the college were invited to join. We provided several prompts [include poster and/or downloadable link], but it was a creative space where students could write about anything, draw, or meditate.  

Student Supporter Programme

Several teachers decided to integrate Learning Journals into their courses. We recruited one to three students for each of these classes, to support the teacher in implementing TLM. The student supporters explained the Learning Journals to the class, encouraged their peers to give it a try, answered questions, and also offered personal help throughout the courses. So far, there are xx students in the student supporter programme 

TLM Presentations

We have conducted a series of workshops on different aspects of TLM, like how to set learning goals or how to survive reading week. Here we share with you our workshop presentations. 
Would you like our help to develop oneContact us!

What is The Learning Mindset?

We presented TLM to our colleagues to share our toolkit and to invite collaboration. 

How to Conquer Reading Week

We designed this workshop to support students in making a study plan, and provides strategies for studying effectively. 

Keeping a Learning Journal

During Covid online teaching we gave this workshop to encourage students to start a Learning Journal to deal with the challenges of online learning. The presentation explains what a Learning Journal is, what the benefits are, and different ways how to keep one.