When I came to LUC, I saw a bachelor’s degree mostly as a necessity for my future career. Therefore, my main goal was to achieve good grades with minimum effort. Constantly, I was trying to “cheat the system” and I was really proud when I got a good grade in a course without doing the readings. Some of my courses were really interesting, but generally I did not care too much what I was actually learning. And I think I was not the only person at LUC that has approached their education that way. At times I felt LUC was a competition of who can achieve the best grades with the least effort. This also made me compare myself to others a lot.

Then, in Block 1 of my second year we had to use the Learning Journal in the Coming of Age in Africa course. Before each assignment, we had to come up with personal development goals For the first time, I sat down and started to think about what I actually wanted to get out doing an assignment. I realised that so far, completing assignments was a super stressful experience, and I had just accepted this as part of the “necessity for my future career.” I decided that I was fed up with being stressed out by assignments and focusing about grades. The goal I set for my next essay was to have fun while writing, and to make the process interesting for myself. For me, the Learning Journal started a transition to making LUC more about my personal learning journey. Of course, I still get stressed out at times, and I’m still afraid of getting a bad grade, but I feel that I have more sovereignty about deciding what is important to me in my learning.

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The Learning Journal Made Essay Writing More Fun

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