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Envision Life
After Course

 15 minutes 

Envision Life After Course - Learning mindset tool
How to use the tool?

At the end of the course, you ask students to connect their course experiences to their future courses and other learning opportunities. 

Student experience

“Course evaluation time is usually focused on how to improve the course for the next group of students. It was so nice to actively think about my learning and how I should/could continue my own development in other courses and my upcoming thesis.”

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Students will remember more from a course if, at the end of the course, you ask them to connect their course experiences to their future courses and other learning opportunities.
What to Do?

At the end of the course, ideally on course evaluation day, ask students to reflect on the Learning Objectives of the course and for each have them answer the following questions:

1. What are the main things you learned on this learning objective?
2. What do you still want to learn/improve on this learning objective?
3. How will you continue to work on this learning objective next period/semester? Specify actual courses or learning opportunities you expect in the near future.


“I do this for all my courses now.  I have them prepare their reflections prior to our last session and then we discuss them together for about 30-45 minutes. For each learning objective I ask them to rate their progress on a 10-point scale to gamify it a bit and because it allows for the question: what would make it a 10? After this discussion, I ask the students to fill out the course evaluations. I have found it surprising to see how much students learn from each other in this processes of reflection, not only about new dimensions around the learning objectives but they also share suggestions for courses and other learning opportunities in the programme.”

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