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Our Team

Led by Caroline Archambault and David Ehrhardt at Leiden University, Learning Mindset is a project bringing together educators, researchers, and students to design fun and effective ways to foster autonomous learning. In 2023-2024, the other LM team members are Alina Müller, Charlotte TurksmaEsli Verheggen, and Bing Tang

Our Story

In 2020, the sudden emergence of COVID-19 changed many things, not least the face of education. Lectures and classes became online sessions, and students (and teachers!) were grappling with their motivation and decision-making. Caroline and David brought together a group of students, teachers, and researchers to take this opportunity and develop new ways of fostering autonomous and self-regulated learning. The Learning Mindset project was born out of this co-creation.

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Recognized for a model and method

Incubated at Leiden University College, a liberal arts and science college in The Hague, the Learning Mindset team used its first years to experiment liberally (!) with different educational tools and approaches. “Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” was the official strategy. It was a strategy that proved to be very fruitful as in 2022, the team won the second prize of the Netherlands’ premier teaching innovation prize: the Hogeronderwijspremie.

Read about our journey here.

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Inclusive Innovation
Learning Mindset wants to make our tools accessible and relevant, especially to students who are in under-resourced learning environments, are learning remotely, are part of large classes, or are struggling with personal motivation.

All our tools are freely accessible, licenced under Creative Commons.

We thrive on co-creation and hope teachers and students will design tools that work for them in their particular learning environments.

Want to learn more, or co-create, or research?

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Learning Mindset
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