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The LM Method

Learning Mindsets’ reflective prompts help your students to engage with the essential steps of Autonomous Learning Cycle: goal setting, practicing deliberately, seeking and using feedback, and recording their progress. As a result, they become more active and engaged in your courses. 

Get To Know "The Autonomous Learning Cycle"
1. Set Meaningful Goals

Formulate learning goals that are meaningful to you and the life you want to live. Want your students to practice goal setting? Try it with our tools “Align learning objectives” or “Set class intentions”.

Step 1 - set meaningful goals-learning mindeset model

Explore our Easy-to-Integrate Classroom Tools!

They cover all the main stages of the learning cycle and can fit into any course (we could think of). They are designed to help students become more active and autonomous learners and teach them "life-long-learning" skills that they can keep using long after they have graduated.

We enjoy using these tools a lot and are excited for you to try them out – and if you want, feel free to let us know how it goes!

Join our research team!

Learning Mindset tools are designed to be fun and easy to use. But our method is also based on state-of-the-art reviews of the scientific literature and best practices. So all our tools are evidence-based and we are committed to studying their use and impacts on motivation, autonomy, and learning outcomes. We will share the outcomes of our research on this website as well as the normal academic channels. And we are always looking for partners who want to conduct research with us! Interested?

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