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Tool Collection

 Here are Learning Mindset’s favourite tools for your classrooms.

All tools are reflection exercises to help students to engage with the learning cycle. Some take students as little as 2 minutes,

others can take several hours. All are designed to work with

any class size, and for any field or discipline.   

Start the cycle_4x.png

This exercise will help you get a clearer sense of your goals and get started on working towards them more effectively. 

Set Class Intentions.png

At the start of each class, have students set goals for the session.

Set Personal Goals for Assignments.png

Let students come up with their own personal goals for each assignment.

Generate Your Own Feedback.png

Helping students to generate feedback on their own first drafts not only improves their final essays, but also teaches them valuable feedback skills.

Envision Life After Course.png

Students will remember more from a course if, at the end of the course, you ask them to connect their course experiences to their future courses and other learning opportunities.

Keep a Feedback Portfolio.png

Have students track the development of a particular skill or competency through guided reflection. 

Align Learning Objectives_1.png

At the start of the course, have students personally connect to your learning goals and create their own.

Formulate Takeaways.png

At the end of each class, have students write down their takeaways from the session.

Keep a Feedback Portfolio.png

Have students create a document where they keep all the feedback they receive on their various assignments.  

Choose Your Own Exam Questions.png

Allowing students to choose exam questions makes exams more meaningful and helps students go deeper into course content.

Imagine Your Future Selves.png

Goal-setting helps students align their learning activities with their goals and enhances motivation and performance.  

Tool collection
Asset 20.png

"Make This My Course Learning Journal"
Let your students customise their own Learning Journals!

Fan of our Tool Collection? Go to this exercise to learn about how to module a personalised Learning journal that works for your course and students?
This exercise allows you to combine different tools into one single journal, that helps your students to keep the course together.

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