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Generate Your
Own Feedback

 > 1 hour 

Generate Your Own Feedback - learning mindset tool
How to use the tool?

Have students find different (non-teacher) sources of feedback on their first drafts. 

Student experience

“My students generated 95% of the feedback that I would have given themselves. That’s a great learning experience for them and saves me time.”

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Helping students to generate feedback on their own first drafts not only improves their final essays, but also teaches them valuable feedback skills.
What to Do?

Ask students to collect all the feedback they get in your course in one place. Let them reflect on the following questions:

  1. What is the feedback telling you to keep doing? What does it tell you to do differently?

  2. What feedback do you not understand? Can you ask for clarification?

  3. What actionable steps do you want to take to implement the feedback?


“In my political science class, I included the following deadlines, spaced with sufficient time to complete them seriously: first draft, peer review, feedback report, and then the final essay. I only graded the latter two, and only the final essay on substance; the feedback report was only graded for effort (i.e. real engagement with the prompts). I was amazed at the level of depth and effort that students brought to the feedback report, engaging seriously with suggestions from peers as well as online AI’s and translating them into clear action points. I could see them really working through the feedback, in a very self-directed way. And as a result, the final essays were of a very high quality.”

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