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Imagine Your
Future Selves

 > 1 hour 

Imagine Your Future Selves.png
How to use the tool?

Let students set goals that align with their learning activities. This enhances motivation and performance.  

Student experience

“I like that the goal-setting process had small steps. It made it easier to break down the goal into actionable stuff.” 

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Goal-setting helps students align their learning activities with their goals and enhances motivation and performance.
What to Do?

Organise a workshop in which you guide students through a series of goal-setting prompts, from general envisioning different futures through setting learning goals to identifying specific learning activities. You can adjust our PowerPoint example and ask students to write their answers in their own journals or a prepared online form. In our experience it takes around two hours. We have gotten the most positive feedback when we mix written reflection with reflective dialogues in small groups.


“As part of the Introduction Week Programme, we host this workshop each year in the auditorium for all 200 incoming students. We always start with an icebreaker game, and then we start with the prompts. For each prompt, we explain why it is important and give one example. Then students have a few minutes to answer the prompts. Some prompts students answer by writing, and for others, they turn to their neighbour and talk to each other. We found that this is great for getting to know each other at the beginning of the programme.”

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