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Partnering with Learning Mindset

Learning Mindset is always happy to connect with you over a cup of coffee, but also excited to enter real partnership with you. For those circumstances these are our partnership principles.

As we are entering into discussions around partnerships, we would like to share with you our guiding partnership principles and see if you agree with them.

Co-creation goals

LM wants to work with you to co-create products that work for you in your learning setting and carry forward the Learning Mindset’s mission to promote autonomous learning. We want to start our conversations with a good understanding of each other's goals and where there is overlap (or conflict).

Clear workplan

We then like to put together a work plan where we set clear expectations around the division of labor (design, implementation, research), timeline, division of costs, use of facilities, and other relevant issues. Based on this, we would like to sign a partnership agreement once we have one drafted and approved by our legal support.

Open access 

Although the products we design with you are fully customized for your purposes, we strive to make a version of them widely available for others to make use of. Accordingly, we aim to share the public version of our products under: CC BY-NC Creative Commons with Attribution and NonCommercial. This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format for noncommercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator(s). We have specified attribution in our partnership agreement.

Fair attribution 

We aim to give the creators (and funders, if relevant) clear acknowledgement in some form. This does include Learning Mindset and Leiden University logos and the logos of partner institutions. Personal names of lead creators/authors may also be justified.

Making full use 

With fair attribution to all co-creators, Learning Mindset and partners are free (encouraged even) to make use of co-created products for promotion and advertisement and for research purposes. 

Inclusive and ethical research 

Learning Mindset and partners take joint responsibility to ensure the ethical and GDPR compliant handling of data. Ownership of data derived from this partnership is shared between LM and partners and publications can take any variety of forms (newsletters, journal articles, podcasts, books, etc.). We encourage invitations to co-author any publications resulting from this collaboration. Authorship is based on contributions, as per usual academic standards, and to be discussed in the initial stages of planning the publication.

If you are interested in collaborating with Learning Mindset,
please send us an email to
We are looking forward to hear from you!

partner with Learning mindset

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