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What are our values as a team?

At the heart of the Learning Mindset team lies a framework of values that shape our work, drive our passion, and propel us forward. In this blog post, we invite you to delve into the core principles that define us—a team committed to fostering self-regulated and autonomous learning among students worldwide. 


1. Exchanging ideas in a collaborative environment  

Our team thrives on the dynamic exchange of ideas. We believe that true innovation emerges when diverse minds come together. Our team-members have diverse backgrounds and interests, ensuring broad discussions and providing multiple perspectives on various matters. We cherish the collaborative spirit that fuels our creativity through our weekly team meetings.  


2. Every voice matters 

At Learning Mindset, hierarchy takes a back seat. We operate from the bottom up, where each team member’s contribution is valued. In our weekly meetings we start with a check-in, ensuring that everyone feels heard and that we foster trust.  


3. Fueling curiosity: our “lab days” 

In our team we value curiosity and exploring new ideas and approaches to further refine our methods and enhance the learning experience for our users. In our “lab days” we dive into different subjects, unafraid to challenge conventions. This is a space where questions sprout and ideas collide. 


4. Co-creation with partners: a global network 

Learning transcends borders, and so does our network. We engage in conversations with partners from universities in the Netherlands, Nigeria, Kenya, and elsewhere. These interactions are not mere exchanges: they are co-creative journeys. We listen, learn, and weave solutions together. Our global perspective infuses our work with fresh insights, ensuring that our methods resonate with students worldwide. 


As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education, we keep true to our values. We believe in inclusion, innovation, the power of collaboration, and global impact.

Learning Mindset is a team determined to shaping the future of learning together with you!

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