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What can we collaborate on?

At the heart of Learning Mindset is student motivation and empowerment. We believe in nurturing autonomy and self-regulated learning among students worldwide. Our teaching tools are easily and freely available on our website, because we believe that education is for everyone.  However, no two educational contexts are alike and that is why we also offer partnership options, allowing us to tailor our methods to your unique needs. Let’s explore how we can collaborate! 



Our workshops for learners are interactive and function as a catalyst for change. We function as a facilitator and motivate learners to take a deep dive into their own learning. We primarily give workshops on setting goals and giving feedback but are open to new demands.  


Research collaborations 

Research fuels progress. Let’s join forces to explore the education domain further. Our team thrives on collaboration, and we are eager to contribute to more scholarly conversations. Whether it is on sharing research insights, or actively collaborating on new research, we are open to uncover innovative approaches that elevate student learning. 



In our co-creation space, we invite you to join us in designing the future of education. Whether it is about refining existing tools or dreaming up novel solutions, your input matters. We would love to sculpt our Learning Mindset methods and tailor it to your educational situation and needs.  


So, let’s transform learning together!

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