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To help every mind learn better

We co-create and research educational tools that empower students to take control of their learning.


Who we are:

An Award Winning

We are a team of students and teachers, from a range of academic disciplines and interests. We pride ourselves on our teamwork and our approach to innovation. We are excited to have developed a toolkit that is simple and scalable, but also powerful and fun! We would love to share it with you.

How we work:

Active Learning Lab

We develop our educational tools in our Active Learning Lab: a creative, virtual space, where we meet with our partners (students, teachers, advisors, administrators, well-being officers, and others) to co-create educational tools, their implementation, and their rigorous evaluation.


Imagining your Future Self:
Goal Setting Workshop

In the dizzying fast pace of their studies, students can easily forget why they are here (beyond getting good grades). Our workshops guide them to explore their ambitions, turn these into goals, and design strategies that will work for them. Confronting their clouds of aspirations and to do's can be relieving, empowering, and re-energizing.

What we make:

Educational Tools

We make a range of educational tools, aimed at facilitating active, student-guided learning.

These include: classroom teaching techniques, journaling guides, and skills workshops.

What we study:

We are an interdisciplinary research team (anthropology, political science, psychology, pedagogy, graphic design) and we love to explore creative methods to study up-take, user experience, and the impact of our tools and techniques. And we are very excited to work with interested researchers!

Are our tools inclusive?

Who takes up our tools and why? We are committed to making our tools widely accessible and inclusive, especially to those hard to reach students, the ones that might need us the most.
Uptake, Experience,
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