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Partnering with LM

The Learning Mindset seeks partnerships in the design, implementation, and/or research of its products and methods.

Learning Mindset has taken flight into creating practical tools for learners to become more autonomous and reshape their learning process in the way they want. As of now, Learning Mindset is in the process of scaling-up, aiming to reach as many learners, teachers, and researchers over the world as possible!
Inclusive Innovation
Learning Mindset wants to make our tools accessible and relevant, especially to students who are in under-resourced learning environments, are learning remotely, are part of large classes, or are struggling with personal motivation.

All our tools are freely accessible, licenced under Creative Commons.

We thrive on co-creation and hope teachers and students will design tools that work for them in their particular learning environments.
Evidence-Based Innovation
We are excited to build a research community, exploring:
  • Uptake: Who uses our tools and why?
  • User experience: how do they experience our tools?
  • Learner autonomy: to what extent do our tools help learners become more autonomous and self-regulated?
  • Motivation: do our interventions change student motivation for learning?

Get in Touch

Learning Mindset
@Leiden University

Anna van Buerenplein 301
2595 DG Den Haag

Thanks for getting in touch!

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